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2023 Veggie & Herb Garden Membership

Want to learn simple, easy ways to grow veggies and herbs? Are you overwhelmed with all the gardening advice on the internet? Are you new to gardening? Then this is the group for you! I provide simple and easy gardening methods that I use myself!

(Recommended for gardeners in Zone 5b)

What the Membership Includes:

This membership will give you gardening guidance throughout the 2023 calendar year for basic herb and vegetable gardening. Posts will be almost daily, and I will guarantee a minimum of 300 posts during 2023. I'll share my daily gardening journey to help you have a successful garden this year and many more to come! Posts may include: when to plant/start seeds, weather updates for our local area (last/first frost, excess rain, etc), general garden tips and tricks, seed and/or plant sales, keeping plants healthy and identifying pests/ diseases, overall garden maintenance and so much more!

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