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Grown with
Purpose and Passion since 2017

My name is Pearl Carpenter and I started The Farmacy Farmstand back in 2017 with a focus on spreading the Health and Happiness my farm has brought me, to all of you! It started with a desire to provide people with the healthiest produce to nourish their bodies and flowers to brighten their day! I have always grown my food and flowers naturally, without the use of chemicals, to provide you with the very best! Over the past few years I’ve expanded to events and opportunities to help grow my mission! I now offer a “social space” for your kids to play or for you to enjoy a picnic, a free little lending library, along with tons of events, such as; free story times for kids, garden yoga, craft and garden classes, u-pick flower gardens and so much more! I just want to make your day, week, or month just a little bit brighter by sharing what I am so fortunate to have!

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My Story

My parents bought our farm when I was just a year old, it’s all I’ve ever really known! When I went away to college, I discovered I had allergies to the preservatives and chemicals found on commercial food after a lifetime of living off of my farm. Once I moved back to the farm, I discovered quickly what a difference it made to be eating farm fresh again! I was working part time jobs, but didn’t feel like I was doing a whole lot of good in the world and wanted to do something that mattered. I was also giving away literal buckets of produce to co-workers, friends and neighbors from our own personal garden and one day it just clicked; I need to be growing farm fresh veggies and flowers for others, I need to start a farm stand!

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